See what the BIG fuss is about...

...You guys are wonderful and have been key to the success of LUNA-TICS with your designs, ideas and bringing LUNA-TICS to life.
— Shaukat (Owner, LUNA-TICS)
We cannot say enough about the excellent experience we had working with studioBIG. Their expertise, professionalism and creativity was unmatched by anyone we have worked with. They were a pleasure to deal with in every step of the creation of our store. We gave them the smallest germ of an idea of what we were looking for and they took the ball and ran with it. Honestly, we didn’t know exactly what we wanted but within a few days we were receiving emails that were better than what we could have hoped for. They figured out what we wanted even though we couldn’t express it. Everyone who comes into our store raves about how much they like it. Everyday people come to me with compliments or I overhear them talking about it. Yesterday two women walked by, they didn’t know who I was or that I could overhear them but the one women says to the other ,” Oh that’s Charlotte’s, you have to go in there it’s the cutest place, it’s like you’re in the Hamptons”. Everyone thinks it looks like their best memory of a warm comfortable place. I’ve heard the following; This place is great it reminds me of New Hampshire” “I love it in here it’s like when I was a kid in Vermont”. This is beautiful, it’s South Carolina”. I have had many people tell me, “I don’t want to leave, I want to live here”. The interesting thing to me is the cross section of people who love it. Business men and women, construction workers, moms, grandparents with their grandchildren all are crazy about it. Maybe the best compliment was a young kid who tells me it’s his favorite place. I said thanks and he says, “it reminds me of home”
— John & Nick (Owners, Charlotte's)
After 25 years in business, I felt it was time to reinvent my logo and company image. I could not be happier with all the services that were provided to me. I only experienced the utmost professionalism, creativity and passion for our shared industries working with Leah from studioBIG. For that reason, I believe my logo, business cards, website design and marketing folders came out better than I could have ever imagined. I felt that even though I have a loyal following of clients in my respective niche, this was still a necessary change to keep my company current and on the forefront of the supermarket design industry. I would not hesitate to work together again on future projects.
— David (President, DY Design)
Working with Leah was a wonderful experience. She always paid close attention to what our company stood for and the image we were trying to get across. She worked with us through a few design ideas. She was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure we were satisfied with the design. The logo she designed for our company is evidence of that. I recommend Leah to everyone. In addition to being extremely professional and delivering materials when promised, she is genuine and a pleasure to work with.
— Nina (Owner, pHysiko beauty brand)