Leah Plevrites, founder at studiobig

Leah Plevrites, founder at studiobig

Leah Plevrites, Founder & Creative Director

"Wish it, dream it, do it"... that's the idea behind studioBIG.  

As a first-generation New Yorker,  Leah has always been a dreamer at heart with a need to understand different cultures through exploring their unique foods and traditions.  She loves travelling to new places in search of inspiration, challenging herself whenever possible, exploring new restaurants and practicing yoga on her free time.  She is passionate about design integrity & the amazing power of a simple yet successful logo.  

Leah graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Architecture Degree from New York Institute of Technology and has been in the industry for almost 10 years.  She has extensive knowledge in commercial & retail interior design, hospitality design, signage, graphic design, & branding.  She is also involved in small to large scale residential projects and aims to present her clients with diverse approaches to many design challenges through the use of innovative thinking & out-of-the-box creativity.   She strives to create lasting impressions and gain loyal clientele.  

Recently Leah launched, a subsidiary company, { little events }, after a number of people requested she plan their events with the same enthusiasm she puts into all her creative work at studioBIG.